Hand-Woven Textile work by Robyn Chamberlain

The pattern in this Cosie is simple yet bold, making it wonderful for those who want a little addition to their outfit without it being too over the top. The shine of the 100% linen warp provide the piece with some extra personality that is sure to attract attention.

Aqua Monk's Belt

  • Materials: -100% Alpaca -100% Linen Inner Circumference: 35 cm (NOTE: this Cosie is quite small so be sure to measure your neck before ordering) IMPORTANT: The size of each Cosie is fixed. Please measure your neck circumference (near the base of your neck) and make sure that it is NOT larger than the Inner Circumference stated for the Cosie, OTHERWISE IT WILL BE TOO SMALL! Care Instructions: This piece has been hand-woven using natural materials. To keep it looking like new please only hand-wash in cold water with a mild detergent and lay flat to dry.

Robyn Chamberlain

Jewellery Designer and Weaver

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