Hand-Woven Textile work by Robyn Chamberlain

Autumn Vine » Enamel and Silver Necklace


The Vine has been a symbol of joviality for centuries. Dionysus was the Greek god of the wine harvest and all of the merriment associated with it.


If you are cheerful and light-hearted I am sure this Vine necklace is a perfect fit!


Made with Recycled Sterling Silver!


« Click Here » for the matching earrings!

Autumn Vine » Silver and Enamel Necklace

    • 100% recycled Sterling Silver (nickel-free)
    • Enamel (lead free)
    • Copper (surface the enamel is fused to)

Robyn Chamberlain

Jewellery Designer and Weaver

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Robyn Chamberlain » Jewellery Designer and Weaver
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