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Robyn Chamberlain Nachhaltige Goldschmie

It is often difficult to really appreciate something that you do not fully understand. That is why I believe it is important to share a glimpse of my process with individuals who do not have a background in metalsmithing.

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Many people are used to seeing mass amounts of jewellery in stores and assume that the value of the piece is predominantly dictated by the type of the metal and precious stones. This mentality causes a problem for independent jewellers like me. My work is centered on hand-fabricated, high quality and ethical jewellery. The value, therefore, lies heavily in the unique designs and time spent hand-crafting such pieces. Most jewellery sold is mass produced; making it less about the personality or originality of design and more about the price of the base materials (ex. the gold or diamonds).


This frustration is why I have chosen to share some step-by-step examples of how I create my pieces. I make use of high quality materials in my work, however the focus is shifted from purely valuing the materials to more of an appreciation of the skill and time required to produce original hand-crafted pieces.

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« Process: Faceted Garnet Ring »

Process: Faceted Garnet Ring

This is a peek at one of the techniques I use to make a setting for a faceted stone. I will take you through step-by-step in the making of this lovely garnet and sterling silver ring. Enjoy!

« Process: Enamelled Umbrella Earrings »

Process: Enamelled Umbrellas

A glimpse into the making of my enamelled umbrella earrings.

Please Note:  All of my designs and creations are my intellectual property and therefore copyrighted by me. The sharing of my process is my way of informing my customers about the skill and time needed for each piece. I believe this sharing can expand an individual’s recognition of the intrinsic value of my pieces.

Do not use view this information as a way to copy my designs or techniques!

Faceted Stone Settings
Enamelled Umbrellas

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