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« Custom Jewellery »

Each person is beautifully unique.  
So, it makes sense that you want an extraordinary piece of jewellery when commemorating a special occasion. You deserve a one-of-a-kind piece to celebrate the most important moments in your life.

Whether you need a stunning engagement ring to surprise your partner with, a pair of wedding rings that will accompany you on your lives together, or a piece of jewellery for a particular occasion, let me help bring your ideas to life!

So, if you want a truly unique piece of jewellery that you take part in designing, get in touch with me and let’s start collaborating!

Check out all the information I have below pertaining to working with me on a custom piece of jewellery.

« The Benefits of Working with Me »

When collaborating with me on a project you end up with more than just a piece of jewellery.  
A custom designed piece is a memento and can represent so many things – love, a memory, transformation, and much more. I take great joy in being able to commemorate such important moments in my customers’ lives.

People approach me to make unique pieces for all kinds of occasions (weddings, births, anniversaries, the passing of a loved one, etc…). I am honoured by the trust put in me to design and craft pieces that carry so much significance and I am always humbled by the gratitude show to me by customers when they receive the finished piece.   

When collaborating with me you can expect:

  • an open, constructive, and creative collaboration.

  • a piece that expresses your unique ideas and fulfils your specific requirements.

  • the comfort in knowing that your piece was crafted with sustainable/Fairtrade materials and supported a local craftsperson

Bonus benefit:
For custom made projects I offer the option to have a keepsake document created which gives you a behind the scenes look at how your piece was made. I will photograph the steps involved in making your jewellery piece and compile the photos into a beautiful PDF or a soft cover booklet.

  • PDF Keepsake Document (emailed to you) - € 40

  • Softcover Keepsake Booklet (printed on FSC certified paper) - €60

« FairTrade is Best »

Each piece of custom jewellery is crafted using FairTrade and/or ethically sourced materials.
This is the core value behind my jewellery business.


There is already so much meaning associated with a piece of custom-made jewellery, so it is essential to craft it with raw materials that have been mined and processed in an ecological and fair way. I believe this honours the sentiment behind the piece, providing the wearer with a deeper and more profound connection to the jewellery.

Read all about my commitment to sustainable jewellery making on my « Sustainability Page »

« Wedding and Engagement Rings »

I love love!
So, hand-crafting unique wedding and engagement rings is one of my favourite custom jewellery requests. I enjoy collaborating with couples to create their perfect piece(s). Partnerships come in all forms, and I revel in the opportunity to celebrate the amazing connection between two people.

Check out the information below to learn about collaborating with me and please feel free to
Get in Touch » to discuss your special piece.

« The Custom jewellery Process »

1: I would love to hear all about the special project you would like me to create for you! Come by my Leipzig store or contact me using the form below.
Once I have received your inquiry, I will get in touch with you as soon as possible with any follow-up questions I may have or to set up an appointment (if you live in or near Leipzig an in-person meeting would be ideal to discuss details).
Check out my « Tell Me More » section for some inspiration about what to consider before getting in touch with me.

Commission/custom made/ bespoke jewellery process Robyn Chamberlain Ethical Jewellery Design Leipzig

2: After we have discussed the details of your project (in person or online), including your ethical/FairTrade material options, your budget, and specific design requirements, I will get to work on creating a design rendering and detailed price quote for you. This usually takes 1-2 weeks.
At this stage the design can be altered to reflect any changes you would like. I want you to be happy with the design after all!

Check out an example of a
« Design Brief »

3: You are happy with the design I have come up with and we have agreed on the price for the piece.
Some transparency about my pricing:
» I have a € 50 ‘custom piece fee’. This covers the cost of my time for things like researching, writing up the quote, material sourcing and ordering, etc…
» Before I begin the project, a deposit of 50% is required.
» Any other specifics pertaining to costs and payments will be clearly laid out in the quote sent to you.