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» Have you ever wanted a truly unique, one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery? A special piece that you took part in designing?

» Would you like an engagement or wedding ring that has been hand-crafted just for you?

Let me help bring your ideas to life! Get « In Touch » with me and let’s start collaborating on your custom piece of jewellery!


« The Benefits of Working with Me »

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When collaborating with me on a project you end up with more than just a piece of jewellery. A custom designed piece is a memento and can represent so many things – love, a memory, transformation, and much more. I take great joy in being able to commemorate such important moments in my customers’ lives.

People approach me to make unique pieces for all kinds of occasions (weddings, births, anniversaries, the passing of a loved one, etc…). I am honoured by the trust put in me to design and craft pieces that carry so much significance and am always humbled by the gratitude show to me by customers when they receive the finished piece.

You can expect the following from a collaboration with me:

  • An open, constructive and creative collaboration.

  • A piece that expresses your unique ideas and fulfils your specific requirements.

  • A keepsake document which gives you a behind the scenes look at how your piece was made (€25 extra). « Click here to see an example »

Customer feedback

What people have said about working with me on custom pieces:

Rating from customers

Handmade Rose Gold, Sapphire and Tourmaline Ring

'For a long time, I looked for a ring that symbolises the connection between my son and me. Now I have such a ring! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!'

- Anja with Christian

« Tell Me More »

Jewellery rendering - cabochon bracelet
Custom bracelet - cabochon - handmade br

When you contact me, try to provide as much detail as possible.

Below are some ideas to get you started:

  • A general overview of the piece you would like to collaborate on.

  • What materials would you like the piece to be made of?

    • For example:

      • Silver or Gold?

      • Does your idea include gemstones? If so what kind/colour?

  • What type of piece?

    • For example:

      • Necklace, Ring, Earrings, Bracelet, etc...

  • When does the piece need to be completed by?

    • Please note that a custom piece can take anywhere from 1-4 months to complete. Keep this in mind, especially if ordering an engagement or wedding ring.

  • Is the piece for a special occasion?

  • Are there any of my current pieces that you found inspiration in?

    • It is useful for me to understand which of my styles and techniques you were drawn to.

  • What is your price range?

    • I know this may be difficult to estimate, depending on the desired materials. It does not have to be an exact amount, simply a number to give me an idea of your expectations.

  • If possible, please send any images that may help me get an idea of your vision for the piece.

    • Simple sketches can be immensely helpful for me to understand what you have in mind (you do not have to be artistic at all. A collaboration can be more successful when I can really get a feel for your vision).

    • Any reference images that may help explain your idea. I WILL NOT copy another jeweller's work! These images are just a way to get an understanding of the direction you want the design to go in. Example: photos to show a certain length of necklace, or general shape and size you would like a piece to have).

  • Sizing information.

    • If you already know the size, great, otherwise we can discuss it during our collaboration.

I know it seems like a lot of information to include. Please just do your best to be as detailed as possible so that I have a good basis to start from.

OR if you live in the Leipzig area « come by the store » to discuss your ideas in person!

I look forward to hearing from you!

« Get in Touch »

Custom Order Form:
If you have images please send them to: info@robynchamberlain.com

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« Things to Consider »

Please read the following to make sure a collaboration is right for you:

1): I strive to craft all my jewellery with materials that have been ethically sourced. This includes FairTrade gold, recycled silver, and ethically mined gemstones.

I am dedicated to reducing the impact that my practice has on the environment and the lives of workers who mine the materials I use. This aspect of my business is very important to many of my customers. They know they can depend on me to do my best to make sure that the jewellery they purchase is making a positive change in the world.

Some people who approach me are concerned that the price of a final piece will be exponentially higher due to the ethical raw materials I use. This is just not true. I cannot deny that the price will be higher, but it is a small price to pay to ensure that the industry keeps moving forward in its dealing with miners and the impact that it has on the delicate ecosystems that are disrupted by mining practices.

Gold necklace - minimalist necklace - Go
Hand-Crafted-Badge-Bold-sm whote.png

For pieces made with silver, the cost is usually only a few euro-cents more than if it were made with conventional silver. For gold pieces the price can vary greatly depending on the size of the piece. For wedding bands which are usually heavier, the price difference can be a little higher. I want to be completely transparent with my customers about this fact. Ethically produced products cost more, but it is not money wasted. Each person who chooses to buy a piece of ethical hand-crafted jewellery is helping make big changes for our planet and those who deserve fair and safe working conditions to provide for themselves and their families.

Want to learn more about my commitment to an ethical studio practice? « Click here » and discover all the ways I am working toward providing my customers with more ecological options.

2): Please note that due to the techniques and materials I use in my studio there are some ideas and designs that I am not able to create. Those who I have collaborated with in the past have come to me after seeing my work and finding inspiration in my style. It would be a disservice to take on a custom piece that I am not able to execute to the best of my abilities.


Image © FairTrade Deutschland

Below is a summary of what to expect from the collaboration process (just so you are prepared):

  • Once I have received your inquiry, I will get in touch with you as soon as possible with any follow-up question I may have. If you live in or near Leipzig an in-person meeting would be helpful to discuss details.

  • Once all the main points have been clarified I will put together a detailed quote for the piece. In most cases this will also include a rendering of the final piece.

    • I have a standard fee of € 50 for custom pieces. This covers the cost of my time for things like: researching, writing up the quote, sourcing and ordering materials etc…

  • The quote will be sent to you for approval. If you have any questions or changes, this is when they will be discussed until you are satisfied, and we can move ahead.

    • Before I begin the project, an initial payment is required (usually ½ of the final cost).

    • Any other specifics pertaining to costs and payments will be clearly laid out in the quote sent to you.

  • Depending on the agreed upon timeline I will create your custom piece in my studio.

    • It may be required for you to come into my store to try on the piece before completion. This is usually only necessary with rings (especially engagement or wedding rings) to ensure that the piece fits perfectly before I more forward with the finishing.

Ring Rendering
  • When the piece is finish I will contact you and you can either come by to pick up the piece, or if you are located outside of Leipzig I will send it to you through the post (with tracking) for the amount agreed upon in the quote I have sent you.

    • The remaining cost will be due after completion of the project when you come to pick it up or before I ship it.

  • The final step is the most exciting. This is where you get to take your custom piece of jewellery home and cherish it forever!

« What to Expect »

I look forward to collaborating with you!