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« Helpful Measurements »

« Necklace Sizing »

This guide shows you the lengths of chains and approximately where they would fall on the body.

Depending on body type, the necklace may lie higher or lower.


« Ring Sizing »

Want to order a ring but don’t know your ring size? No problem!

  1. Find a ring you currently own (that fits the finger you want to buy the new ring for).

  2. Measure the INSIDE DIAMETER with a good ruler in millimetres (see diagram for guidance) → → →

I always have the inside diameter of the rings listed in the ‘Dimensions’ section of the product page.

If the ring you would like to order is not available in your size, please Contact Me. Tell me the ring name and your size (in mm) and I will get back to you with options.


« Ring Conversion »

Ring Conversion Chart

My rings sizes are listed in mm, but here you can find the conversions to other types of sizing.

Necklace Measures
Ring Measures
Ring Conversion
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