Craft Pigeon

(Columba livia fabricus)


Hand-Woven Textile work by Robyn Chamberlain


Traditional techniques

used to craft modern and contemporary objects.

Fresh off the Loom!

Cocoa an Cream - Hand-woven scarf made with organic cotton and linen
Cocoa and Cream

Chocolate, toffee and cream colours woven together to create a delicious and stylish scarf. Great for that chocolate lover I know is out there!

Frosty - Hand-woven scarf made with organic cotton and linen

A great way to look elegant and feel luxurious on a chilly day. Subtle colour variations throughout the scarf make it very unique without creating too bold of a statement.

Helllo Sailor - Hand-woven scarf made with organi cotton and linen
Hello Sailor

Nautical adventures await! Navy, gold, and white organic cotton and linen are woven together to create a fanciful accessory with hints of an ocean voyage. 

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