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Robyn Chamberlain

Ethical Jewellery Design and Weaving

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Get ready to learn more about the exciting worlds of jewellery making and hand weaving!

These two practices are clearly very disparate. So why have I decided to dedicate my life to two craft forms that occupy opposite ends of the spectrum? Short story is, I fell in love with them both and was not willing to give either up! I admit I am very drawn to the fact that both are steeped in such a long and vibrant history, stretching through time and across countless cultures. The majority of the techniques I use in both my practices are the same as those people have been using for generations. That is pretty amazing!

So whether you are interested in finding out more about my Jewellery Practice or Weaving Practice (or both), you will find lots of information in the links below.


Focus on ethically sourced materials such as fair trade gold, recycled silver and fair mined gemstones

'Playback' Schal - 100% recyceltes Denim

Focus on natural fibres such as organic cotton, organic linen, and animal-friendly organic wool

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