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Organic hand-woven textile work by Robyn Chamberlain

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« My Story »

Craft Pigeon Weavery - Robyn Chamberlain

I love to make beautiful things.

This passion has been a driving force in my life that I never questioned. I am constantly designing and creating, all the while filling my sketchbook with ideas for the next project. I can’t imagine my existence without creativity.

This desire to create led me to completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing from the Nova Scotia Collage of Art and Design University in Halifax, Canada. During my time at university I began to explore an interest in textiles. I started with learning to knit, crochet, and even tried my hand at embroidery, however it was when I took an introductory weaving course that things really started to click.

I fell in love with the art and tradition of hand weaving. The knowledge of how to create fabric, the basis for so many everyday items, seemed so powerful and fundamental to me. I quickly became very enthusiastic about this newly discovered craft and knew it was a skill I wanted to continue developing.

I took part in a weaving apprenticeship a few months after graduating and bought my first loom (a small second hand table-top one). There was no turning back.

One thing has led to another and I am now happily a jeweller and a weaver.

« Studio Practice »

I have a deep love for colour and texture. My wardrobe and accessories have always been bright and bold and I have never shied away from being the one wearing a colourful outfit in a crowd.

This fondness for colour, a soft spot for fibres, and a slight obsession with pattern are the driving factors behind the creation of each of my woven articles.

The majority of my pieces have their own unique charm and emit a clear statement of individuality. My work is very tactile and I enjoy employing materials such as cotton, linen, and a variety of wools to broaden the physical experience associated with each piece.

Weaving process - Organic cotton and organic linen

« Ethical Commitment »


An element of my work that has become very important to me, especially within recent years, is its environmental impact.

This is tough topic for an independent craftsperson, however I strive to keep my studio practice as eco-friendly as possible with things such as:

  • Using certified Organic Cotton and Linen
  • Choosing to buy from companies with good Animal Rights Standards
  • Selecting companies with Low Impact Dyeing Practices
  • Hand weaving all of my pieces with no electrical mechanization
  • Constantly reflecting on my studio practice in order to reduce waste
  • Collecting all scraps of yarn (for use as stuffing in other projects)

Two of the most important items on this list are the use of organic and animal friendly fibres. This decision means that each woven piece costs more to make, however I feel it is my responsibility to make a change and limit my contribution to the sad and harmful practices associate with the modern fibre industry.

« What Now? »

Are you looking for a scarf or other accessory to match your own unique style and personality?

Do you like the idea of owning something original that has been hand-crafted with traditional techniques?

Have some of my creative practices and values piqued your interest?


If you answered yes to any of these question please take some time to have a look at the wide variety of woven articles for sale in my Online Shop!

Live in or around Leipzig and want to shop in person? Come by my Store and Studio in the historic Capa Haus in Lindenau! Click here for all the details.

Robyn Chamberlain - Owner of Craft Pigeo

Image Copyright © Kerstin Dölitzsch / Picture Point

« Studio Practice »

Want to learn more about my studio practice and process?
Take a moment to explore the links below...
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« Common Threads »

Learn about the history and elements that run through the story of each woven piece.

Hand-weaving process - traditional loom

« Hand-weavng Process »

Explore the fascinating and meticulous techniques of hand-weaving.

Natural fibre yarns - organic cotton, organic linen, organic wool

« Ethical Sourcing »

Coming Soon! Learn about how I strive to source materials that are ethically produced.

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