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Bright red handwoven organic scarf made

« Scarves »

Cosy, Stylish, Organic

Teal and green handwoven small purse/bag

« Trinket Keepers »

Secure, Handy, Practical


Green and brown handwoven coasters

« Cup Carpets »

Helpful, Cute, Functional

I create a diverse range of organic woven products, making it easier for people to add a little hand-crafted cheer to their lives.
Simply click on a collection to explore the full range of items.

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« Weaving Workshops »


Immersive yourself in the amazing world of weaving! 
Play with yarn, experiment with colours, and discover your inner weaver.​


Interested in learning to weave? Find out more about my one-on-one workshops I offer at my atelier in Leipzig.

Learn to Weave!

I offer a selection of weaving workshops to suit the needs of my students - whether you want to start weaving on a regular basis or just want to spend a lovely weekend weaving your very own scarf.

My workshops are available in German and English.

Organic hand-woven textile work by Robyn Chamberlain

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