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Handwoven scarves in an assortment of colours, patterns, materials, and sizes. Each Craft Pigeon scarf is meticulously crafted using high quality fibres such as organic cotton, linen, and animal friendly wool. Every scarf has its own rich and unique character.

Take peek and I am sure you will find one that speaks to you!

I offer a selection of weaving workshops to suit the needs of my students - whether you want to start weaving on a regular basis or just want to spend a lovely weekend weaving your very own scarf.

My workshops are available in German and English.

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Teal handwoven organic scarf made with organic cotton and organic linen

For colour enthusiasts

This collection focuses on the beautiful world of colour. Woven with 100% organic cotton and linen.


For unique personalities

Each of the pieces in the collection will only be woven a few times, making them true rarities.

Hand-woven recycled blue denim jeans scarf

For a sustainable future

The scarves in this collection are handwoven with 100% recycled yarn made from old denim. 

Organic hand-woven textile work by Robyn Chamberlain

Craft Pigeon Handweberei Leipzig Logo

Immersive yourself in the amazing world of weaving! 
Play with yarn, experiment with colours, and discover your inner weaver.​


Interested in learning to weave? Find out more about my one-on-one workshops I offer at my atelier in Leipzig.

Learn to Weave!

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