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Organic hand-woven textile work by Robyn Chamberlain

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Weaving Workshops

Weaving is an amazing craft - steeped with tradition and its tonnes of fun!

Immersive yourself in the tactile experience that is weaving! 
Play with yarn, experiment with colours and discover your inner weaver.​

I offer a selection of weaving workshops to suit the needs of my students - whether you want to start weaving on a regular basis or just want to spend a lovely weekend weaving your very own scarf.

My workshops are available in German and English.



Beginner Workshop

This 6-hour workshop is just to get you familiar with the loom and materials. All you need to do is sit at the loom and have a lovely weekend full of weaving fun!




A mini-project

Learn from start to finish how to weave on a table-top loom. Perfect for beginners who want to start small and then work up to the larger loom.


From Beginning

 to End

Setting up a loom

In this 2-day workshop you will learn every step of the weaving process. You will start with a spool of yarn and learn how to transform it into a beautiful handwoven scarf! 




Something special

Do you have a special project in mind? Do you have some materials you would like to weave with? If your project doesn't fit in with my other workshops offers, get in touch!

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Robyn Chamberlain - Owner of Craft Pigeon Weavery

Let's get weaving!

Hi, I'm Robyn and I have been weaving for over 10 years. I would love the opportunity to share my passion for weaving with you!

If you have any questions regarding my
weaving workshops, please get in touch.

I can't wait to start weaving with you!

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