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Robyn Chamberlain

Jewellery Designer and Weaver

An adventure in ethical adornment.

Handmade minimalist recycled sterling si

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Unique accessories

lovingly crafted with

high quality, ethically sourced materials.

Craft Pigeon Logo - Handwoven accessoires
Hand-woven recycled blue denim jeans sca
Autumn leaf necklaces - Handmade with re

« Ethical Jewellery Design and Hand-Weaving »

I am absolutely dedicated to making my jewellery and weaving practices as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible!

- Fair Trade Gemstones - I buy from suppliers who deal in fairly traded gemstones.

- Recycled Silver - All of the silver material that I source is 100% recycled.

- Ethically-Mined Gold - Since 2020 all of the gold that I use is certified FairTrade.

- 100% Hand-Crafted - All jewellery pieces are fabricated in my Leipzig store.

Sustainable Jewellery Badges

- 100% Hand-Woven - Each and every one of my scarves is handwoven by me.

- Vegan Friendly - Many of my scarves are 100% wool free and therefore vegan friendly. 

- Cruelty Free - The wool I use

is from certified sources with high animal welfare standards.

- Organic Fibres - All of the fibres used in my weaving practice are certified organic.

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« Store and Studio in Leipzig »

» Shop for unique handcrafted jewellery and lovingly handwoven textiles - all with an emphasis on ethically sourced materials.

» Come visit my jewellery and weaving studio in the historic Capa Haus in the neighbourhood of Lindenau in Leipzig.

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