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Organic hand-woven textile work by Robyn Chamberlain

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All Craft Pigeon scarves have common elements running through them, elements that intertwine with the past, the present and the future. 

High quality materials, captivating design, and mindful technique. These three components are the basis for each woven piece.

The history of a scarf begins long before it is woven, in the fields where fibre plants are grown and animals are raised; the story continues in the methods used to transform the fibres into workable yarn. Environmental and animal friendly farming practices, fair working conditions, and abstaining from profuse amounts of chemicals in the dyeing process are all important considerations taken into account when creating a Craft Pigeon scarf.

Woven articles are tactile objects, and the materials greatly influence the overall character of the finished product. Each scarf is woven with high-quality, ethically-responsible natural fibres. This is one of the most important aspects to developing more eco-friendly fashion.

Organic yarn - organic cotton, organic linen, organic wool

The next chapter in the story revolves around the way each scarf is viewed by the world. The accessories an individual wears are an outward expression of their own distinct personality – this is a focal aspect in the creation of each scarf.

The design involves four components: fibre, pattern, colour, and purpose. These components are carefully contemplated, then combined to construct beautiful and stylish fashion accessories. Craft Pigeon scarves come in a variety of colour palettes, sizes, patterns, and weights, all to facilitate the wide range of the wearer’s needs.

Weaving design

Once fibres are chosen and the design is prepared, the next stage can begin: the production. Weaving is an ancient practice, extending back thousands of years and across many cultures. Modern-day technology has enabled the mechanisation of textile weaving, increasing the rate of production and eliminating the connection that once existed between maker and wearer, offering instead cheap, unethically produced fast fashion products. This is a tragic chapter in the life of many articles of clothing sold in today’s consumption-driven economy.

The technique involved in a Craft Pigeon piece provides a stark contrast to industrialisatied production. Each scarf is methodically hand-woven on a traditional, non-mechanised loom, ensuring that every thread is correctly woven with an exceptional attention to detail. This hand-crafted process guarantees a high standard of quality in each scarf and creates a connection to the weaver.

Robyn Chamberlain hand-weaver - owner of Craft Pigeon Weavery - weaving on a loom

Image Copyright © Kerstin Dölitzsch / Picture Point

All of this effort and care is focused towards one outcome: creating stunning, high-quality scarves that will be worn and cherished for years to come. As wearer, you provide the next component in the life of your scarf, adding your unique style and personality to make it your own.

Wear a scarf - Express Yourself

Organic hand-woven scarf - organic cotton, organic linen, organic wool
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